Our company


Rock Lobster Syndicate was established in 2012 in Amsterdam with the single purpose to help more people feel proud of their visual identity that shows the world who they really are and what they stand for. Rock Lobster is built upon three skills:

Brand philosophy
Our parents grew up within the philosophy of building brands and so did we. We will never let this go.

We strive to be the best in the industry at translating the essence of a companies personality into a customer experience. We get our clients.

We always value quick wins and picking low hanging fruit and bringing our clients solutions when possible rather than sticking to contracts and formalities.

Target clients
We combine these skills when working with our clients; whether our clients are restaurant owners, clothing designers or corporates. We always look for a match based upon our values. We target brands that stand for quality, character and heritage but need an online or offline translation.

When it comes to the way we work Rock Lobster believes in building loyal relationships with our clients. We will always fight for quality of our craft and in the process respect tradition. Furthermore we love to combine hard work with humor, you’ll never forget working with Rock Lobster.



Web design
Web development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Photography & Film
3d Animated GIF’s
App design
App development
Digital material design
Online content production
Analytics & Optimization

Brand Development

Brand name
Logotype & Identity
Visual design
Slogans & Taglines


Printed material design
Packaging design & Production
Offline content production
Indoor & Outdoor marketing