Rock Lobster Syndicate (RLS), is a technology corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Operating multiple diversified services, both nationally and internationally. Its core activities include services in the field of development, technology, design, e-commerce, marketing, hosting, SEO, business strategy, visual content, copywriting, data analytics, cybersecurity, monitoring and maintenance.

RLS was founded in 2010 by Mans Wiegel. For the next decade, RLS would become an industry leader for online services in The Netherlands, managing over 1000 websites and building a solid 250+ clients base. Ranging from the restaurant business, e-commerce platforms, music industry, fashion and corporates.

Rock Lobster believes in building loyal relationships with its clients. Furthermore combining hard work with humor, you’ll never forget working with Rock Lobster.

RLS working method is based upon 5 disciplines:

1. Discover the company’s vision to build a strong relationship. This is where project goals will be set.

2. Outline the project, create milestones and agree on priorities. Now there is a strategic plan in place that makes goals achievable.

3. The outline is finished, visual and technical concepts of the project will be created. Our team reviews and revises until all goals are aligned.

4. Review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of the project. This is the most valuable step because your reputation is our reputation.

5. The project will be launched and promoted. Now sit back and watch the momentum.