Rock Lobster Syndicate (RLS), is a corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, running a tight operation with a finger in many pies, both on home turf and across borders. It’s bread and butter involves everything from technical and visual development, ecommerce, online marketing, hosting, SEO, content services, to data analytics, cybersecurity, and the watchful eye of monitoring and maintenance.

Founded in 2010 by Mans Wiegel, RLS spent the past decade cementing its status as the big cheese on the world wide web, becoming industry leader for online services in The Netherlands. Managing over 750 websites and built up a rock-solid 250+ clientele. Ranging from the restaurant business, ecommerce platforms, music industry, fashion and corporates.

Rock Lobster believes in building loyal relationships with its partners. Furthermore combining business with humor, you’ll never forget working with Rock Lobster.

Rock Lobster Syndicate is also trading under RLS IMPERIUM BV and Mans Wiegel Group, statutory established in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

RLS working code is based upon 6 disciplines:

1. Discover the company’s vision to to cement a strong connection. This is where the job goals will be set.

2. Sketch the job, lay out the groundwork, and agree on the pecking order. Now, there’s a solid strategy in play that sets the stage for goal-hittin’.

3. With the outline locked and loaded, we build the visual and technical blueprints of the job. Our crew fine-tunes and polishes until every goal falls in line.

4. The sit-down for review and testing takes place, guaranteeing high rank quality. This is the most valuable step because your reputation is our reputation.

5. The project will be launched and promoted. Now sit back and witness the momentum unfold.

6. Your business is now taken care of.